A New Pathway to Function…

The November-December 2017 Issue of InMotion magazine, published by the Amputee Coalition, features an article on A New Pathway to Function for Bilateral Above-Knee Prosthetics Users, written by Chad Simpson, BS, BOCP, LP and Randy Richardson, ABC-CPA, RPA of Dream Team Prosthetics LLC.We present the article below for your reference with permission from the Amputee[…]

Knee Technology For Bilateral Prosthetics

OverviewOnce an individual with bilateral above knee limb loss has built up the necessary strength, balance and endurance using “stubbies” or fore shortened prosthetics for an extended period of time, it will become time to consider a knee technology in order to move into the next phase of mobility. A knee system that provides consistent[…]

2017 Bilateral Life Camp Highlights

We had an amazing group of individuals with multiple limb loss that attended our Bilateral Life Camp, hosted by Dream Team Prosthetics. The three-day workshop involved numerous activities that were designed to challenge the attendees in order to make progress with daily function using bilateral prosthetic limbs. We covered topics ranging from desensitizing and conditioning,[…]