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Becoming a full-time prosthetic user with bilateral above knee limb loss is possible by following the necessary steps.


Inspirational stories from many individuals living a full and active life with bilateral above knee limb loss.


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Bilateral Life Camp, hosted by Dream Team Prosthetics, is an annual event, focused on techniques, tools and training to maximize functional mobility for individuals with bilateral above knee limb loss. Online registration now open for the 2024 Bilateral Life Camp

Bilateral Prosthetics

Most individuals with bilateral above knee limb loss, struggle to be full time prosthetic users.
If you commit to using your prosthetics all day, every day, your mobility goals will flourish.

For many, the key to becoming a full time prosthetic user is the pathway you follow to regain efficient, functional and independent mobility. This multi-step approach has proven very effective for many individuals with bilateral above knee limb loss that strive to become proficient with prosthetics.

Setting goals is a great way to start laying out your future with using prosthetics. Initially your goals maybe to incorporate training prosthetics for a few hours in your daily life. The more you push yourself to use them for extended periods of time, will greatly improve and accelerate your progress.

Each day should build on the previous days activities and progress. It is this momentum that will help you achieve more functional goals quicker. Pushing yourself to get out of your comfort zone each day is necessary to break down perceived limitations and will help you to continue making progress. It is easy to find excuses justify an easier pathway but if you truly want to be independently using bilateral above knee prosthetics full time, you must never make any excuses and maintain your forward progress.

Being Strong • Moving On are key words to live by!

  • Step 1 • sockets

    The most important aspect for a bilateral above knee prosthetic user is the design and fit of the socket interface.

  • Step 2 • Training

    Training prosthetics are crucial to obtaining a successful outcome for an individual with bilateral above knee limb loss. Using customized training platform feet insures you are developing the strength and balance necessary for full time prosthetic use.

  • Step 3 • Commitment

    Commitment is the most vital element to incorporating bilateral above knee prosthetics into your daily life. Using training prosthetics full time and abandoning all other adaptive devices will keep you on the necessary pathway to independent mobility with prosthetics.

  • Step 4 • success

    Once all the other stages are complete, applying your newly developed skills to your everyday life will bring you the mobility benefits you seek. Whether using full-length microprocessor technology or training prosthetics, your functional goals can be accomplished.

Team Bilateral • Peer Support

Team Bilateral members range from new prosthetic users to seasoned veterans that have used prosthetics for years. Peer mentors can help answer questions and share their experiences about living with bilateral above knee limb loss.
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Seth Alexander

Team Bilateral • Mentor
Seth Alexander lost both legs in a single car accident when he was 16 years old. He has been a full-time prosthetic user since April 2012. Seth regularly pushes the limits of technology and ability in order to continue to grow in his daily life.
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Hayden Bailey

Team Bilateral • Mentor
Hayden has been a full-time prosthetic user since April 2014. He regularly works with other bilateral above knee amputees to improve their mobility and function.
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Kyle Hannon

Team Bilateral • Mentor
Kyle Hannon’s injury left him with very short residual limbs. However, with the optimum prosthetic design, peer support and training, he has been a full-time prosthetic user since March 2015.
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Alejandro Chamba

Team Bilateral • Mentor
Alejandro was struck by a vehicle, sustaining such severe injuries that both legs were amputated above the knees. Since then, he has focused on being a full time prosthetics user!