Once you have a well fitting socket system that you are able to use for 8 - 14 hours everyday, then it is time to work on incorporating your prosthetics into your daily life. Throughout a normal day, you may encounter hills, ramps, stairs, curbs or uneven terrain. Navigating all of these daily situations is a crucial part of being a full time prosthetics user with bilateral above knee prosthetics.

Stubbies are the key to being a full time prosthetics user. However they are a useful tool in daily life situations where having a lower center of gravity would be advantageous. 

Learning how to control the yielding of the microprocessor controlled hydraulic knee system is the key to being able to walk on any type of terrain. Alignment and programming must be optimized for the most efficient results. 


The end result is utilizing prosthetics in everyday situations full time. Completely ditching the wheelchair and focusing on building on each days mobility will greatly propel the bilateral above knee prosthetic user into a lifestyle that incorporates the prosthetic technology into their body image. 


Hayden demonstrates the technique for walking down a hill or ramp using microprocessor controlled hydraulic yielding of the knee.

Climbing stairs with advanced microprocessor knee systems can be a challenge at first. Developing an energy efficient technique depends on building strength in the residual limbs to support lifting up each step.

The C-Leg 4 is completely weather-proof and can function properly in a variety of harsh and wet environments.